Delim Cosmetics & Pharma s.r.l.

DELIM a “Contract Research Organization”

Delim is an Italian Company specialized in Research and Development of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical devices.

DELIM a “Contracted Partner”

Our range of services includes the formulation of new products, the development of prototypes, the patenting, the industrialization and the final phases of registration and marketing of the products.

These services are available to all those companies that are interested to the marketing of products through licensing contracts or product related consulting contracts.


Thanks to our flexible and dynamic structure, a close cooperation with European and North American Universities and a network of scientific advisorers, Delim can offer original and innovative products.


Thanks to our experienced and multidisciplinary staff, Delim can offer formulation development, clinical studies and marketing studies on each product.

Medical Devices

Our company develops medical devices for human use in compliance to the EU Directive 93/42 and Italian Legislative Decree 46 issued on February 24th 1997 and successive amendments.


Project BIO_Liver: a cutting-edge kit which consists in functional liver cells derived from alternative sources. This kit finds application in toxicological and pharmacological screening of new drugs.