DELIM Cosmetics & Pharma s.r.l.

Company's Profile

Delim is an Italian Company specialized in Research and Development of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical devices on behalf of third parties.  

Professionals with over 30 years experience in the field of R&D

Delim started in 2008 in the hinterland of Milan (Pessano con Bornago) and since then has obtained important contracts with scientific advisors, API manufacturing companies, contract manufacturing and clinical CRO. Delim's can assist your company with a global range of services.

A “Contracted Partner”

Delim is a supporting partner for all pharmaceutical companies who plan to develop new products from the formulation to the final registration and the licensing (in and out)

Our services:

Development of pharmaceutical products

Formulation, assistance in patenting, research of API, development of prototypes, preparation of batches for clinical trials, assistance for clinical trials, regulatory consulting, preparation of dossier for the registration of pharmaceutical products and certification of medical devices.

Licensing (in and out)

Delim can support the pharmaceutical companies that are planning to license their products for the Italian market and the European, US and South American markets.


We offer a full support for the launch of the products on the Italian market (information and sales in pharmacies), reorganization and improvement of existing sales networks (pharmacies), organization of new sales networks providing also training for the sales team.