Formulation of equivalent medicinal products and innovative formulations. Thanks to our flexible and dynamic structure, a close cooperation with European and North American Universities and a vast network of scientific advisors, Delim can offer original and innovative products in ready formulations or drug delivery systems (DDS).

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Therapeutics Area:


The formulation studies on the field of dermatology are mainly focused on the implementation of the penetration of drugs such as: NSAIDs, corticosteroids, antimycotics etc. A special attention is given to the innovative pharmaceutical forms such as: topical foams (with and without propellants), micro-emulsions etc. The formulation development is supported by skin penetration studies carried out “in-vivo” and by Franz Cells


Gynecology is a therapeutic area that is open to original developments on the Drug Delivery Systems. A special attention is given to mucoadhesive formulations such as: pessaries, gel or emulsions


Development of pulmonary formulations such as: Dry Powders Inhalers (DPI) - mono and multi dose - and Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI ) with new HFA propellants.